Ham Learning Net

The Ham Learning Net

Connecting radio amateurs seeking help or advice with Elmers willing to mentor.

Frequencies: 145.490 linked with the 448.625, both with a negative offset and a tone of 100. Alternate Frequency: 449.350, tone 100.

Time: 7:30 p.m. local time.

Date: Wednesdays. EXCEPT the third Wednesday of the month.

Topic: Changes every week.

Yahoo Group: HamLearningNet

Calling all Elmers

An Elmer does not need to know everything about everything, just be willing to share your knowledge about whatever aspect of the hobby interests you.

Elmers can talk anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour on their favorite topic and we appreciate any time you are willing to share.

Volunteer now, contact Larry at .

NCS Volunteers

We are rotating the NCS position, so no one person does it every week. The Learning Net is the perfect venue for trying your hand at this position. Script available for download, but it does not need to be followed too closely if you want to put your spin on the net. Volunteer now, contact Larry at .

Join us in the Denver metro area every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. local time EXCEPT the third Wednesday of the month when we meet in person at 7:00 p.m. at the Denver Radio Club monthly meeting where visitors are always welcome.

Denver Radio Club: The Denver Radio Club meets at the Jefferson County Administration & Courts Bldg. at 100 Jefferson County Pkwy., Golden, CO in Hearing Room #2. All visitors are welcome.

No membership in any club is necessary for you to join us on the air or visit a Denver Radio Club meeting.

Do you have a topic suggestion?

What are you waiting for? Send your topic suggestion to .

Thank you, Elmers

Want to share your knowledge on one topic or on an ongoing basis? We welcome Elmers. If you want to prearrange a topic, please contact us at .

We want to thank our first Elmer, Rob (K0RAR), who agreed to be our Elmer from the start. Rob was first licensed in January of 1964. He spent 26 years in the Navy in communications and 14 years since then as a systems integration engineer specializing in RF systems in the commercial world.

“He loves his subject and conveys that enthusiasm to his students.”